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Battle of Alamance


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The Battle of Almance was the pivotal battle in the War of the Regulation, a rebellion in colonial North Carolina. It started on May 16, 1771, after the Regulators rejected William Tryon’s suggestion that they disperse peacefully. The Regulators did not have leadership, organization, and adequate munitions. While they were fighting, many Regulators fled the battle, leaving their comrades to escape.

The rebellion of the Regulators was unsuccessful, as they were defeated in combat. Nine members of the militia were killed and sixty-one were wounded. The Regulators’ losses were much greater. Tryon took fifteen prisoners, and seven of those people were executed later. Many Regulators traveled on to other frontier areas beyond North Carolina. The governor would pardon the others and let them stay, only if they pledged an oath of allegiance to the royal government.

Battle of Almance Memorial

Visitors to Alamance Battleground may view the place where the battle took place, which was given a granite monument as a memorial in 1880. The visitor center gives a presentation of the battle.

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