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Publishing a book in small quantities or on demand


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I’m not really sure how I should categorize this, but I’ve run across this and think it’s an interesting idea for many different interests. It seems relevant to genealogy in the fact that I know many that are interested in publishing a book on their family history, but don’t have the means or desire to by a 500 copy printing. The age of the internet and printing on demand has the potential to make publishing a book or any other content so much easier. There is a site called Lulu that essentially let’s anyone sign up (for free) and publish a book/picutre/video/audio/calendar/etc. Set your commission for it and have it for sale “on demand”.

Basically this means that you can publish a book that you expect three people to buy, prepare it, upload it, set a commision of anywhere from 2, 4 dollars pe copy. Direct the other three people to it and sell it online. It looks very well done, the prices seem competitive and when I have time to play around with some things, I expect to explore the site more.

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