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I’ve finally gone through and done some clean up of the links and the old site archives. Previously, the old archives were at an address…. the archives are still available, see the links to the lower right hand side of the page, or visit for the old site entrance. I’ve also removed the link to the forum (defunct for a while), hopefully I’ll be able to find a solution at some point that requires less policing for junk….

Some of this cleanup is related to the site’s vanishing from…. it’s still somewhat of a mystery to me, I’ve got essentially the same wordpress template here as and, neither of them have vanished this way. I was concerned that it might be the articles that I’ve used from the Wikipedia. However, has similar articles and is not having the “banishment” that I seem to see here.

I DID have a possible a-ha moment when I was reading an article about redirects. The error pages here and, etc… all had a 10 second redirect/refresh to this site. I’ve seen references that this is associated with “sneaky” site behavior and I’ve made changes to do true 404 errors with no redirects and 301 redirects to tidy up some of the weird domain overlap I’ve had up until now.

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