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OK, this may not be genealogy related but, I’m going to post it here. This afternoon I was looking into google’s page stats for someone else and happened to notice that THIS site is being indexed again by google. I thought I had noticed a bit of an uptick in traffic the last week or so. It was early December of 2005 I believe when the site mysteriously vanished from Google. I remember changing a few things that I thought might have been a problem and I emailed several times (with no real answer back.) Thanks google for taking me out of the proverbial corner. That’s not the only good thing going on though….

I’m just catching up from the usual list of todo items after getting back from a weekend camping out in Cherokee – we had colds, so it wasn’t great, but it was good to get away from work… (although Friday night I checked email, left a voicemail Sunday afternoon and fielded calls Monday…. so… there wasn’t THAT much time away from work) Anyway, I’ve dug a bit more into cherokee history thanks to this trip. There are a couple branches of our family that may have some Cherokee ties. (*One in particular that claimed to come from “the Old Country”, which one reteller had always suspected meant the Cherokee Nation as opposed to Europe.)

There are a few other good things too, our garden is growing well, through our dry spell I watered every night, but the last 4 days now we’ve got rain each day and so the watering regimen is on hold. (The mountains are in moderate to sever drought depending on where you are.) Of course, there are other things as well, but I must go for now as todays storm is getting a bit raucous….

6:45Pm … continuing
Wow – that was a thunderstorm – pea size hail – good drenching and lot’s of lightning – I won’t be watering the garden again tonight. I guess another good thing is that the cold is finally easing up a bit.

I forget where the train of thought was when the storm got so bad I just shut down, but I’ll likely be posting a bit on the cherokee coming up. I don’t know why, but the history of the Cherokee has not been something I’ve “gotten in to” until now. (Maybe it’s for lack of source material.) I know there are a lot of other areas of the site that could use some “filling in” of data and now that the site is back in google’s index I feel a bit more incentive to do so.

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