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Genealogy Web Workshop in Charlotte area at Monroe Library June 2


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The Monroe Library in the Charlotte area will be having a workshop of sorts helping introduce people to the different methods of genealogy research online. The meeting/workshop will be at 6:30PM on June 2nd in the Griffin Room, considerable time will be spent using Heritage Quest’s census records. Some computer experience is recommended and a portable flash drive is suggested if you think you may want to save any census images you find. (No printer available in the lab.)

INTERNET GENEALOGY AND RELATED SEARCHES: LOOKING AT SOME FREE SITES: 6:30 p.m. June 2. Using a computer lab in the Griffin Room, you and your fellow classmates will look at and experiment with several different sites. Some computer experience necessary. At least 30-45 minutes will be spent on Heritage Quest’s Census Records — focusing on some searching tips plus how to save and/or print images (there will be no available printer with this computer lab, so if you find any images you wish to keep please bring a flash or jump drive for personal use). Call: 704-283-8184 ext. 224.

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