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County Page Expansion and Revision


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I spent a good part of February and perhaps March over at the South Carolina Genealogy site expanding and revising the county pages to make them more of what I had envisioned from the outset and I’m starting the process here as well. I’ve toyed with the idea of forgoing frequent posts while I’m in this process and that may happen. I had always hoped that the county pages could be a single stop for resource information (and links) for each county and hopefully we can get there. Of course, North Carolina has 100 counties (South Carolina only has 46), so… it may take me some time to go through the entire list.

So, I will work through them a little at a time and hopefully keep up regular posts as well. Also, I haven’t officially announced it yet, but there will be a newsletter for this site as well. I know a few people have already found the link and signed up which is great! More detail will follow, but realistically this is one of a large number of jobs and projects that I juggle so please bear with the slow construction process.

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