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Forum Cesspool Cleaned Out


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For those of you that have visited in the last year I apologize. The forum had for some time become a target of spammers – most of the ip addresses were chinese and there were all sorts of posts for handbags and movie downloads and who knows what all junk. There were as of late 4000+ posts a day. I have disabled new registrations on the forum and disabled new posts outright. I’m sorry, but with the forum software there is no good way to manage it. At one point I had a weekly task of cleaning out a few dozen junk posts, but this was ridiculous. Yes, I could upgrade the forum, but migrating posts will take time, effort and quite frankly may not be easily possible without manually copying and pasting the remaining posts. Even then I suspect forum spammers will be a problem to deal with. I haven’t yet seen a bullet proof solution. I’ve pruned down to about 400 posts there. I may have thrown out someones legitimate query and if I did, I am sorry. But, there were 400,000 posts to sort through to save those 400 and if 1 or 2 good gems were lost in the sewage that had been dumped there, well – so be it.

In the future I may reopen a new forum, but may have to rethink the way registrations and posts are handled. Right now I don’t have the time to do so. It truly was at one point a nice growing resource and it’s very disappointing to see the way it was treated.

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