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by Avery J. Parker

The query posts are now automated!! When your query is posted your browser will be automatically redirected to the page with the post. Also, you and I both will receive an e-mail notification of the event. If you have any difficulties submitting your query please e-mail me about the problem sending your query in the e-mail message so I can post it for you. Thanks.

Note: Please make sure that you select the correct page for your query to be placed on. It should correspond with the first letter of your ancestors last name. Thanks.

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If you would like, you may omit the address and telephone information unless you want it included in your posted query. If you do omit the address and telephone information, please skip past these to the next question.

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After Submitting, you should be redirected to the page that your query was posted on. Thank you for your query.

If the information is not as you would like it posted press "RESET". Otherwise, to submit your query for posting please press "SUBMIT". Your query will be posted immediately. (If you requested information on my services, it may be between 1 and 2 days before you receive a reply from me depending on volume of e-mail I get. Thank you for your patience.)
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