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County List complete


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Well, I’ve finally made it through all the currently existing counties of North Carolina. All 100 should be there. As you probably know by now, all you need to do is click on the menu entry in the sidebar to the right entitled “North Carolina Counties” and the menu will expand to list links to each county page.
I’ve tried to make sure there is at least one item per page. The NCGenweb site for the county requested should be there at a minimum. Some counties have information on historical or Genealogical societies serving them. Some may be defunt. I found one in particular that I could verify was not currently operating and noted it, others I’ve had a harder time tracking down a clear lack of activity. I’ve linked to the homepages of these groups where possible. Some counties have other resources listed as well. I’ve also tried to include some relevant book content on the pages where I can find something related. In some cases they’re county maps, which can be handy for genealogists. (I’m probably a bit of a map junky too though, just for the sake of maps.)

I hope to flesh out more content on another pass through. I would expect that pass to take a good deal more time. I’ve pretty much built a structure for all counties over 3 days or so, a second pass will likely take several weeks as time allows.