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List of Passengers on board the Mayflower


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* Allerton, Isaac (London)
o Mary (Norris) Allerton, wife (Newbury, Berkshire)
o Bartholomew Allerton, son
o Remember Allerton, daughter
o Mary Allerton, daughter
* Bradford, William (Austerfield, Yorkshire)
o Dorothy (May) Bradford, wife (Wisbech, Cambridge)

* Brewster, William (Scrooby, Nottinghamshire)
o Mary Brewster, wife
o Love Brewster, son
o Wrestling Brewster, son
* Carver, John (Doncaster, Yorkshire)
o Catherine (Leggett) (White) Carver, wife (Sturton-le-Steeple)
* Cooke, Francis (Blythe, Nottinghamshire)
o John Cook, son
* Crackstone, John (Colchester)
o John Crackstone, son
* Fletcher, Moses (Sandwich)
* Fuller, Samuel (Redenhall, Norfolk)
* Goodman, John
* Minter, Desire (Norwich)
* Priest, Degory (London)
* Rogers, Thomas (London)
o Joseph Rogers, son
* Tilley, Edward (London)
o Ann (Cooper) Tilley, wife
* Tilley, John (London)
o Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley, wife
o Elizabeth Tilley, daughter
* Tinker, Thomas (Thurne, Norfolk)
o Mrs. Thomas Tinker, wife
o boy Tinker, son
* Turner, John (Whitechapel?)
o boy Turner, son
o boy Turner, son
* White, William (Sturton-le-Steeple)
o Susanna White, wife
o Resolved White, son
o Peregrine White, son (born in Provincetown Harbor)
* Winslow, Edward (Droitwich, Chester)
o Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow, wife

Planters recruited by London merchants

* Billington, John (London)
o Eleanor Billington, wife
o John Billington, son
o Francis Billington, son
* Britteridge, Richard (London)
* Browne, Peter (Great Burstead, Essex)
* Chilton, James (Canterbury)
o Mrs. Chilton, wife
o Mary Chilton, daughter
* Clarke, Richard
* Cooper, Humility (London)
* Eaton, Francis (Bristol)
o Sarah Eaton, wife
o Samuel Eaton, son
* Fuller, Edward (Redenhall, Norfolk)
o Mrs. Edward Fuller, wife
o Samuel Fuller, son
* Gardiner, Richard (Harwich, Essex)
* Hopkins, Stephen (Wooton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire)
o Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins, wife
o Giles Hopkins, son by first marriage
o Constance Hopkins, daughter by first marriage
o Damaris Hopkins, daughter
o Oceanus Hopkins, born en route
* Margesson, Edmund
* Martin, Christopher (Billericay, Essex)
o Mary (Prower) Martin, wife
* Mullins, William (Dorking, Surrey)
o Alice Mullins, wife
o Priscilla Mullins, daughter
o Joseph Mullins, son
* Prower, Solomon (Billericay, Essex)
* Rigsdale, John (London)
o Alice Rigsdale, wife
* Samson, Henry (London)
* Standish, Myles (Chorley, Lancastershire)
o Rose Standish, wife
* Warren, Richard (London)
* Wilder, Roger (Yarmouth, Norfolk)
* Winslow, Gilbert (Droitwich, Chester)

Men hired to stay one year

* Alden, John (Harwich, Essex)
* Allerton, John
* Ely, –?–
* English, Thomas
* Trevore, William

Family servants & young cousins

* Butten, William (Austerfield, Yorkshire)
* Carter, Robert (London)
* –?–, Dorothy, maidservant of John Carver, married Francis Eaton
* Dawra, Rohan (London)
* Holbeck, William (Norwich)
* Hooke, John
* Howland, John (Huntingdon)
* Lancemore, John (Essex)
* Latham, William
* Leister, Edward (Kensington)
* More, Ellen (Shipton, Shropshire)
o Jasper More, brother
o Richard More, brother
o Mary More, sister
* Samson, Henry (Eckington, Worcestershire)
* Soule, George, teacher of Edward Winslow’s children
* Story, Elias (London)
* Thompson, Edward
* Wilder, Roger

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