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The first half of last week we took a brief trip to Chattanooga, TN. We stayed about a mile or so from the Chickamauga National Military Park and got to do a bit of looking there. My main interest in it was that several of my ancestors were in the 60th NC Infantry which was involved in the Battle of Chickamauga. Anyway, you might look for some updates here related to that (as well as what I pulled together before we left.) I hope to include some pictures as well. The 60th NC Infantry was made up mostly of men from Buncombe County, so I suspect there are others that would be interested in the pictures. Of course, I’ve got quite a bit of other catching up to do before I get those updates posted here. It may be a few days depending on how work goes.

Here’s an experimental link to a map showing exactly where the Chickamauga battlefield is…