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Family pictures and facial recognition?


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I just took a short look at which seems to offer a few services that might be interesting for the genealogist. For one, they have Genealogy software and you can create family pages on the site, which is not really a new concept. However, they do offer facial recognition of faces in pictures. I’m a bit skeptical at how well this works and so I looked at their samples. Now, the samples essentially try and identify “which celebrity a photo looks most like”…. in some cases using real celebrities.

In one of the samples I saw, it appeared that facial expressions could throw the results off. However, this might hold some promise. I know I’ve got a number of old pictures that I might not know who is in it. I don’t know how well they’ll be able to acheive the concept of finding ancestors by matches in other peoples photos given what I saw in the samples, but it might be interesting to try out.