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2007 WNC Calendar


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It’s been a busy few days, I’ve published a cd of traditional hymns done as “chimes” at and also, I’ve just put the finishing touches on a calendar for 2007 as well. I’ve used photos from the last year or so of some of the great outdoor views here and there around Western North Carolina, well… most of them are within 1/4 mile of the house really. There is a page with thumbnail previews of the pictures for each month. I’ve mentioned before as a way to self publish family histories and I’ve got to say it is easy to got through the publishing process for music downloads/cds and calendars. I haven’t yet done a book through them, but if I get enough time, that may be on the list.

I’ve got to say I’m really excited about the potential of using for so many things, from custom picture books and calendars to customized stories, music publishing, etc…. the mind dizzies with possibilities. Anyway, my “storefront” page which lists all of my currently available items is at