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Webrings and The Rail


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I’ve deleted the webring code and the rail code from the site and don’t expect to be replacing either of those back on the site. This is a frustrating decision, but it stems from the problem that I’ve had with google indexing of this site (non-existent in google.) After a lot of consideration I’ve come to the conclusion that IF this site is blacklisted by google (which it appears to be), that it most likely is because of one (or more) of the sites linked to via the webring or rail code. I don’t know for certain, but I can only assume.

The other sites that I have running the same template are all indexed at this point (some better than others, but at least they show up in the index.)

Additionaly, webring has moved to a system where being in a few webrings is free, but more than 3 or so requires payment which I don’t have any interest in doing. I’m sorry to jettison the two as they’ve been staples of the site for so long (and the source of much traffic), but if removing them get’s some google indexing back that would be nice.