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Asheville Historic Photos Online


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For many years, if you didn’t have photos of a particular event in the past, you had to go to a library and browse special collections, or contact news organizations and see if they could search their archives for a specific photo. The internet has made our access to older photos (any photos really) so much easier we take it for granted. Services online let us share a bazillion pictures of last Christmas with everyone around the world. It’s good to see newspapers opening up some of their historical photo file collections.

I read recently that the Asheville Citizen-Times had launched a Historic Photos gallery. I’m looking at it in January and they have about 12 photos there. It looks as though it will be a monthly feature. In fact, they are requesting that if you have photos that you would like to send in you may do so.

I look through those pictures and see familiar landmarks and remember that what we see is not as it has always been. We see but a point in time along the path that is TIME. I hope to see more newspapers open up there collections like this.

In fact, it makes me want to go through and see what our best choice would be for sharing our old family photos online.

Now if we could just find software that would automatically name all those faces for us.

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