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You will probably have noticed the link at the top of the page for the North Carolina Genealogy Forum. I’ve just finished adding forums for each county of the state and linking to them from the respective county pages. It’s been a long time coming, but feel free to post your genealogy queries in the appropriate forums! The old forum archives are still available here as well.

If you look in the sidebar you should see links to the old forum posts. I’m doing what I can to get those reindexed by google. Also, the old query pages are there which had a good deal more information than the old forum. Here are direct addresses for the Old North Carolina Genealogy Forum, Old North Carolina Genealogy Queries and the New North Carolina Genealogy Query Forum(s).

I should point out that you will not be able to post directly in the OLD forum or query content. Those are archived for information purposes only. Please, use the new forums for posting.

Be on the lookout for other improvements and changes soon.