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Tracing Your Family History through North Carolina


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It’s really amazing how many peoples ancestors passed through North Carolina. At one point in this countries history St. Louis was considered the jumping off point for points west. I’ve come to think of Western North Carolina as a similar “jumping off point” a bit earlier in this countries history. This area was frontier from it’s official opening at the end of the Revolution into the early 1800s. The fact that Buncombe county was created to encompass the entire western part of the state is remarkable and at the time had the area called the State of Buncombe, but I think one of the essential factors was that it was so loosely populated and rugged that carving individual counties at the outset would have been pretentious. How many genealogies pass through North Carolina?

We really may not know in full how many families have passed through this area, but for those that are researching North Carolina roots, a good resource for you to start looking at is the Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society They have grown quite a bit over the years, after all their scope is quite large. That is to cover the counties that were in the original “state of buncombe”.

The library of the OBCGS is located at Innsbruck Mall on Tunnel Rd., in Asheville North Carolina. More information is available on their website.

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