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Map Page is out for the Time Being | Newsletter starting a bit later in the Summer


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After the Last WordPress Upgrade the Map page has stopped working and I haven’t had a chance to investigate. I do hope to get it back in use as I really liked the idea of putting either Cemeteries or Historic Sites on the map where you could browse by location. Given that I’ve broadened the idea beyond just Cemeteries as I look to revise/repair the plugin I will likely rename the page.

The other site related news: I had originally set June as the month I would start the newsletter here at the North Carolina Genealogy site, but I’m now thinking I will postpone that until August for a couple of reasons. The primary reason is that one of the locations that I work has had some sudden news that we need to be finding a new location. I’ve been involved with meetings and what not… doing what I can to help. I don’t know that everything will be resolved by August, but the flurry of activity that’s taken place the last month has really cut into the time I’ve had for my other projects. The other note I would like to pass along…

with relation to the mailing list/newsletter. I notice that there have already been quite a few of you sign up for the newsletter early and it’s exciting to see this level of interest. I have noticed also though that many that have signed up have not confirmed their subscription. (By clicking on the link in the welcome email that the mailing list system sends out.) You will not receive a newsletter if your subscription hasn’t been confirmed. (This is a safeguard to prevent someone else from signing up your email address.)

So… if you haven’t confirmed and have lost the welcome email, then revisit and resubscribe which should prompt another “welcome” email. (It may also pay to check your junk mail folder to make sure the welcome email hasn’t been quarantined as junk.)