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Historical References for Genealogical Research

by Avery J. Parker

Below are links to files which should be of use to the family historian. Some of them are on this site, and some connect to other sites. They give information on the events and times that our ancestors may have lived through. Some of these might give you ideas for where to research further, and some may just put your family history in perspective. If there are any topics that you would like to see listed or if you have any comments on what is listed, please e-mail me. Keep checking back, as I hope to add more files as time and space allows. Once again, thank you for your help in the growth of these pages.

Cherokee Nation

Colonial Money of North Carolina

Lumbee Tribal History

Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence - 1775

North Carolina's First Colonists: 12,000 Years Before Roanoke

North Carolina History

U.S. Wars

U.S. Presidents
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