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This is the second layout that I’ve used to “redesign” the old site, the first redesign started about 1-2 years ago and stalled. I’ve got links up on the right hand side to various parts of the old site. I intend to archive the old queries and forum posts as long as possible and there are a few other things I plan to do with the site. There’s still a lot of stuff to be moved out of the old design, but at this point I’ve equaled the migration that I made with the last layout, so I thought it was probably safe to go ahead and throw the switch.

I can’t promise that I’ll be spending more time on the site, but at the moment I’m somewhat enthused with wordpress, the new tool that I’m using for the site layout and managing the articles. This is quite a bit more sophisticated than when I first started the design on the site 8 years ago. (I think I used notepad and maybe coffeecup?) I remember that some of the page creation was so tedious it took literally days to get some things the way I liked. (The query script was always the roughest, but the county pages were miserable tedious…)

This new tool looks as though it will cut down the time it takes to add stuff tremendously. Also, I’ve got some ideas for the query forums if there’s interest in seeing a query system again. I shouldn’t mention too much as I might get swamped with work and be another year on creating it…. but like I said I’m a bit enthused with the progress at the moment.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, feel free to peruse where I’ve migrated content in and the links to the old content. I’ve liked this tool so much I’ve moved my main site to use it as well. So you might visit there as well if you like.