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U.S. Wars References


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It seems that historians look at wars as somewhat convenient bookmarks to note the transitions from one epoch to another. Truth be told, they are usually transforming events for the nations involved. They are certainly transforming events for the people involved. I can’t think of the Revolutionary War without remembering the name and drawing a mental image of a 12 year old ancestor of mine who likely made the long, mountainous trek with his father to Kings Mountain for what would blunt the British plans in the South. You can’t help but wonder how, if at all, that influenced his later life. I don’t even know what kind of role he might have had, but that is what’s interesting I suppose.

Here you will find the wars that the U.S. or the colonies were involved in. Some of these will have separate pages with more detailed information. I’ve copied over the brief summaries from the old site, which should include birth year estimates. I’m also including more detailed articles which are possible to be included thanks to The Wikipedia. All of these should have the name of the war and the years that it took place. This can be helpful for determining if your ancestors might have been involved. If they were the right age, there is a chance that they were involved and there might be records. That’s just one more place you might look for a clue to the shape of your family tree.