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Tar Heel Junior Historian Contest


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The Goldsboro-based News Argus brings us the story of a NC teenager that one first place in the Tar Heel Junior Historian Contest at the NC Museum of History. Sydney Moye Briley, also won the state aware for Genealogy and the museum will have books on display for a year. Congratulations. I remember when I started researching family history (in High School), many times, I was the youngest researcher in the Genealogical society by about 30-40 years….

Teen historian wins award

Sydney Moye Briley won first place in the literary contest, secondary division statewide at the Tar Heel Junior Historian Contest the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh.

She also won the state genealogy award. Her genealogy books will be on display in the museum for the next year. She attends Martin Middle School of Raleigh.

She is the daughter of Greg and Cheryl Moye Briley, formerly of Goldsboro, and the granddaughter of Robbie Sewell Moye and the late Elbert Earl Moye of Goldsboro and Sid and Marcie Briley of Swansboro.

There are more details about the Tar Heel Junior Historian Association at Learn NC, and at the Museum of History site.