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Webring headaches….


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I don’t know maybe it’s nostalgia that keeps me liking the concept of webrings. Relevant sites linking to each other…. but it’s been a headache recently. I’ve been suspended/in and out of several rings for “failure to have the code” on the main page. Which, of course, is not true, I HAVE had the code on the main page AND a link to a webrings page with the code as well. It turns out that the link was getting seen first many times by the automated checker and so sites that allowed a PASS_L were fine with this *(PASS_L means you have a link to a “webrings” page…) But for sites that required a PASS (No link…) this was apparently causing a problem.

So, I’ve never (since when October?) taken the code OFF this page or altered it and in the recent months I’ve been in and out of suspension of several rings – deleted from at least one… Yesterday I took out the Link to the webrings page and left the code at the bottom of the page and EVERYTHING is happy now. So, if you’ve had similar webring frustrations – that might lead in the right direction.

I’ve got to say, I found little in the way of useful advice in their site (which I find a mess to navigate…) So, welcome back webring visitors – maybe the automated crawler will continue to recognize the code down there…