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Old Maps of New England, New York and Pennsylvania


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I know this isn’t directly related to North Carolina Genealogy, however odds are if you’re researching ancestors from NC, you’re looking at ancestors in other parts of the country as well. I ran across this site a bit earlier today while I was in the “Google Sitemaps” group looking at postings. Old Maps of New England, New York and Pennsylvania. They sell reproductions of historical city maps. It looks fascinating. I haven’t looked at specific cities or townships, but find it quite tempting….

Maps can be a great resource, I wish/hope for the day when we can have true three dimensional maps of what a city looked like decade by decade. I’ve seen people make diorama’s of certain cities prominent buildings, but…. if only we could have a true, 3d immersive map of what Boston looked like in 1770…. I mean, as detail complete as some first-person immersive games are, wouldn’t it be interesting to have a “walk through” of pre-revolutionary Boston? New York?, etc.

Of course, historic maps like these would be the cornerstone for any such project.

The site has been added to my list of links in the right hand column.