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Migration patterns, South Carolina research workshop and finding your Revolutionary War ancestors


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The Asheville Citizen times brings this writeup which covers several topics of interest. First, attention is paid to the migration patterns of the early settlers of Western North Carolina and the importance of land records in tracing some of these pioneers. The Liles/Lyles family is singled out….

he Liles/Lyles was one such family. The earliest known member of this family was Henry Liles born about 1662 in Maryland. Henry’s grandson, Ephraim was the first to move to Anson County, N.C., and was actually the first recorded settler there.

When land had to be divided among several sons it became necessary for some to seek land elsewhere. Four of Ephraim’s sons moved down into South Carolina and settled along the Broad River. Later members of this family relocated to Transylvania County in the summer to escape the S.C. heat eventually remaining to establish permanent homes. For this family one would need to have knowledge of research in many areas of the United States.

Also, we should pass along that there will be a workshop September 23 regarding methods of South Carolina research. This will be presented by Alexia Jones Helsley who spent 38 years with the S.C. Department of Archives and History. She will also have a special session on “Finding Your Revolutionary Ancestor.” This event is sponsored by the genealogical societies of Henderson and Buncombe Counties. The event will be held at Calvary Episcopal Church in Fletcher, NC from 9AM through 4PM on September 23rd. Cost is $15 for the workshop and $10 for lunch. Call 828-253-1894 for more details.