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New Cemetery Maps – Google Map mashup


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I’ve been wanting to give this a try for some time. I haven’t seen any genealogy sites before that have tried combining data on locations with mapping, so I thought the best first place to start might be cemetery data. Unfortunately, it’s a tedious process to enter at this point (name (county) description longitude/latitude). So far, I’ve entered 2 in my home county and will add others as I get a chance. If there’s anyone that has suggestions for a more graceful/less labor intensive way to pull data into a map, that would be nice. I’m trying to include transcription links where available. One of the hopes…

…at this point is that I would be able to filter by county and do seperate map pages for each county possibly? The only real problem to that is that at this point in time, the plugin I’m using wouldn’t be able to support that. Of course, it might be possible to make some changes. (Or I might find another way of approaching that.) Currently the map is focused on Western NC, because that’s where I’ve entered cemetery information in so far. Hopefully, I can gradually add in more over time.

I hope to incorporate this at some point on the South Carolina Site as well. In fact, I see some interesting possibilities applying this to more than just cemetery locations, but to news items, posts on individuals, etc…. Some of those could be done more easily than others.

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