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Pleasant Grove Union Church Cemetery (Buncombe County)


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Transcription Available here (February 11, 2000). In the Reems Creek Valley of Buncombe County, it can be found by following Reems Creek Rd. out from the Weaverville area and turning right on Pleasant Grove Union Church Rd. Stone Church at the top of the hill on the right.

Some family names include: Altman, Banks, Blevins, Bradley, Buckner, Carson, Carter, Cole, Courtney, Crouch, Donkel, Eller, Fox, Gillis, Green, Gragg, Hamilton, Henderson, Hensley, Herron, Hill, Hunsucker, Justice, Kiser, Lunsford, Melton, Metz, Morris, Mundy, Owensby, Overby, Pankratz, Parker, Penland, Rhudy, Roberts, Sadelson, Sams, Scott, Sheppard, Swann, Wallen, Walton, Ward.