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John Pleasant and Lillie Louetta (Calloway) White


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John Pleasant White was b. June 4, 1876 in NC (twin of Calvin White) and d. March 2, 1957 in Buncombe Co., NC. He md. Lillie Louetta Calloway Feb. 6, 1897 in Buncombe County, NC. Lillie Louetta Calloway was b. July 1, 1879 in NC and d. Sept. 10, 1958 in Buncombe Co., NC. They are both buried in West Memorial Park in Weaverville, Buncombe Co., NC.

John Pleasant and Lillie Louetta (Calloway) White

John Pleasant White was the son of Pharoah White (b. abt. 1832-d. Aug. 5, 1896) and Sarah Hare (1840-1885). I suspect Pharoah White was b. in Johnston Co., NC and d. in Buncombe Co., NC he was in the Civil War serving both in the 60th NC infantry Co. K and then in the Union Navy after being captured and taking an Oath of Allegiance. Pharoah White is buried in Vance Cemetery in the Reems Creek section of Buncombe Co., NC. Sarah Hare was b. in Sampson Co., NC and d. in Buncombe Co., NC She is buried at Gashes Creek in Buncombe Co., NC (Perhaps beside her first husband whose surname was Cross.

Lillie Louetta Calloway was the daughter of William James Calloway (b. abt 1855-bet. 1889-1890) and Margaret L. Calloway (Aug. 12, 1857-Feb. 27, 1937). They were double first cousins. William was b. in Yancey County, NC and d. in Buncombe Co., NC, Margaret d. in Buncombe Co., NC and is buried in Vance Cemetery, Reems Creek Section of Buncombe Co., NC They were married abt. 1876 in either Madison or Buncombe County.

The children of John Pleasant and Lillie Louetta (Calloway) White include: Clarence White, Will White, Flossie White, Carrie Margaret White, Jennie White, Ida White and Lawrence White.

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6 Responses to “John Pleasant and Lillie Louetta (Calloway) White”

  1. SonyaC Says:

    Hey Mr. Parker. I have followed your posts on genealogy for the past few years, just found this site today. Calvin White, the twin of your John Pleasant was my great-grandfather. I live in Barnardsville and have visited Greene Co., TN to research their father Pharoah. Found a marriage record, but can find nothing before that. Have his Civil War records and such, but just cannot get his early history. I do believe that the Ann White in the 1850 Buncombe census is Pharoah’s mother. I read one of your posts that said your family tradition was that his father’s name was Jonathan. Could you please tell me about that?

  2. Avery Says:

    Hello cousin!

    I still think that Jonathan is the name of Pharoah’s father. Unfortunately the evidence is a bit sketchy. There is a marriage record for a Jonathan White and Ann Cordell if my memory serves correctly in Johnston County, NC that would seem to time out correctly. In following Ann and Pharoah’s history there seems to be a strong connection to the Cordell family. By the families first appearance in Buncombe County Ann seems to be the head of household, with no clue as to what has become of Jonathan. I don’t have notes quick at hand at the moment, as I was trying to get a few posts lined up for coming weeks before a busy work schedule.

    I’ll try to post back with a more detailed post on Pharoah – he has certainly been an enigma…..

    The original source of the name Jonathan came from my grandmother (daughter of Pleasant White). She knew her grandfather’s name was Pharoah and thought his father was Jonathan. They all had a poor impression of Pharoah. it seems (Ples and Calvin I believe were raised by their older sister Julia.) Of course, Pharoah was married several times and the family story was that he was accused of killing one of his wives with a hatpin through the ear.

    I’ve never been able to establish that the above claim was made. I DO know, that Pharoah spent many years fighting for disability payments from the Federal Government due to injuries he suffered during the Civil War. (In fact his widow, I think, was still trying to get the pension after his passing.) I can only wonder if all of these trips to give testimony accompanied by the death of his previous wives might not have given rise to suspicion.

  3. mountainman52 Says:

    Hello folks – I just stumbled across this thread today (5/20/09) and Pharoah White was the brother of my great-great-grandfather Simon T. White. I can attest to what Avery has posted as I have seen a family bible in the early 1980′s that indicated Jonathan White was their father and supposedly they were from Johnston County originally. Again the info I saw (not sure if accurate) was their mother was Nanny Cordell. My father who died about 3 years ago says he met a Pharoah White sometime in the 1950-1960 era who was in a VA hospital in Johnson City TN (crippled by a former wife). I’m guessing he might have been a grandson possibly of the former Pharoah and I just spoke with my uncle tonight who is 80 and says he remembers his dad introducing him to a man named Pharoah in Asheville when he was a young child and my granddad said he was his uncle. I just realized I have a number of relatives now in the Weaverville/Paint Fork area and will be returning to NC in a few months. I would be willing to help follow any leads just let me know!

  4. mountainman52 Says:

    Hello everyone – just found this thread today (5/20/09) and wanted to say that Pharoah White was the brother of my great-great grandfather Simon T. White. I did see a family bible back in the early 1980’s that indicated their father was Jonathon White and their mother was Nanny Cordell. I too was led to believe that they originally came from Johnston County NC. My father who passed away about 3 years ago told me he remembers going to see a Pharoah White in the VA hospital in Johnson City TN in the 60’s who was crippled (from a former wife) and my uncle tonight told me that he met a Pharoah White when he was a child (in the 30’s) in Asheville, who my granddad said was his uncle. This sent me on a wild goose chase for many years, but I’m guessing this one may have been a grandson possibly. Anyway I’ll be returning to NC in a few months and would like to meet up with any “cousins” that we could compare notes. Hope this helps!

  5. Avery Says:

    Thanks for posting mountainman52 – I’ve already answered your post over at and will try to write back with a bit more of what I’ve found on Simon T. White. (Not a lot, a few census entries. You probably already have some of the same…)

  6. Avery Says:

    I’ve posted a few things over at about Pharoah’s pension application process and then the census records I’ve collected on the White’s. I’ve put in a few other items as well.

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