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Battle of Monroe’s Cross Roads | Battle of Fayetteville Road | Kilpatrick’s Shirttail Skedaddle


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This Civil War Battle is remembered as the last Cavalry battle of the Civil War. It took place on what is now the present grounds of Fort Bragg (near Fayetteville). It took place on March 10, 1865 and involved mounted Confederate cavalry against dismounted Union Cavalry. About 4500 men were involved. The Battle lasted several hours and was a Confederate Victory which delayed the Federal entrance into Fayetteville (which denied Union Brevet Major General Kilpatrick the honor of taking the city.) This battle has also been known as Kilpatrick’s Shirttail Skedaddle and the Battle of the Fayetteville Road.

The Confederates attacked a still sleeping and unprepared Union camp. Kilpatrick escaped in his nightshirt to a nearby swamp before reorganizing his unit. The battle allowed the Confederate Infantry to escape Fayetteville with equipment across the Cape Fear River. More information can be found at this National Park Service Site and this article

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