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Hopefully I’ll be back into a routine of regularly scheduled posts after the absence of the last little spell. It’s been a busy summer and my stockpile of scheduled content hit bottom….. i.e. there were more weeks than there were articles. Things have quited down just a bit so hopefully I’ll have a chance to get some more material lined up and headed your way. I’m pleased to see some activity starting at the North Carolina Genealogy forums and some interest in the Mailing List in spite of the long absence.

I do still intend to get at revising those county pages. I suspect that will come a bit at a time, but hopefully after I’ve set up a reservoir of regular posts I can start digging into that material again.

The mailing list will be starting soon. (I don’t know how soon yet… but it’s still coming – you can sign up early if you like.)

Thanks for the visits and watch this space for more….

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