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Broken Links, Fixing them and a Request for Help


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Update– July 5th–
As of right now all of the links on this site have been updated, and corrected (over 400 corrected). A handful of links 10 or so were removed outright because the information is no longer found or domain is gone/not responding for a couple days, etc.

The original post continues below….

As some of you may have noticed there are broken links on this site. It’s a simple fact of the way the internet is. Pages are always moving, changing their address, going away and new resources being added. I remember the very first building of this site entailed many days on end of my time collecting links and organizing them. Unfortunately I’m sure the minute I finished someone, somewhere decided to move their counties census archive to antoher server or something along those lines. The point is, the internet is in a state of flux and it takes more time than you would realize to keep up with it when there are so many resources we’re trying to cover. (We, actually translates to ME.) I’ve recently installed a link checker scripts that will mark through invalid links and notify me of broken links, which will help. I used to MANUALLY check the links from time to time. Now I’ve installed a plugin that will help identify broken links and have spent about 6 hours updating around 300 links. There are still quite a few to go and I will work on those over the next few days.

What I’m leading up to though is a request….. I GREATLY appreciate it if you know of the new location for a resource, county genweb site, or other link. I have had a few occasions where a site owner sends me an email updating their link information. Most of the time instead I find a broken link when a visitor sends me an email asking if I know where they’ve moved to. SO…. if you know of a moved resource I would greatly appreciate if you would make use of our contact form to let me know of it’s location. The only catch is that our current form is a bit picky and for spam prevention declines weblinks in this format – so substitute xx for the // and make links look more like if you would. (There may be a replacement contact form coming in the near future…) Thanks for your help!