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Massive County Page Update!


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After last weekends realization that there were many broken links on the county resources pages…. I went on quite a roll reinvigorating the county pages. I think all of them should have somegood content and a refreshing to make sure that all the links are current. (The new link checker script only tells me if there is an error pulling the page up, so…. if it’s the wrong address we don’t know unless it is checked…)

MANY MANY THANKS!!!! to those of you who have sent in corrections on links in the last couple of weeks. It was a tremendous help and helped me realize that I still had quite a bit of work to do with some of the county pages that were “unloved”. Every county now should have a brief sketch and LOTS of other information. As always, if you know of other resource that should be there, make use of the contact form and let me know! (Leave of the http::// in any addresses and I think that will get past the spam filtering in the form.

It’s true that we still have some counties that are a bit lean on details and we would love to incorporate YOUR input on those counties. Also, it looks like I’ve worked into a routine of formatting from Macon County on that I may need to go back over the first half of the alphabet and use the same formatting, but…. this is another significant improvement for our county pages.

Thanks for stopping by!