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Franklin County Genealogy

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The county was formed in 1779 from the southern half of Bute County. It was named for Benjamin Franklin.

In 1881, parts of Franklin County, Granville County, and Warren County were combined to form Vance County. Souce Wikipedia

The county seat of Franklin County is Louisburg. The county seat spelling was originally Lewisburg. The townships of Franklin county include: Cedar Rock, Cypress Creek, Dunn (not Bunn as many may think although the Town of Bunn is located within that township), Franklinton, Gold Mine, Harris, Hayesville, Louisburg, Sandy Creek, and Youngsville.

The International Whistlers Convention is held annually on the campus of Louisville College in Louisville. There is also a competition at the Convention. Louisburg also hosts the Tar River Festival yearly.

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Franklin County Courthouse
113 Market Street
County Administration Building
Louisburg, NC 27549


1790 Federal Census transcription – Halifax District, Franklin County ordered by last name

1850 Federal Census index by last name only


USGS listing of cemeteries in Franklin County

Cemetery Transcriptions

Franklin County Cemetery Census

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sheilascott60 on “Rivers family”

I am a descendant of Rev. Joel Rivers. Joel and his wife, Rhoda Harwell Rivers, moved from VA to Warren County, NC in 1785 and to Franklin County, NC by 1804. I’m particularly interested in information about their son, Mason H. Rivers (sometimes misread as Moses Rivers).
Thank you
Sheila Rivers Scott

Lonnie on “Richards Family”

I am researching the Richards family starting with
1.Richard Richards
2. his son John Richards b. 1765 m. Frances Perry
3. His son William Richards
4. his son Major Richards
5. his son Thomas Y Richards and sister Nancy m. Charles Balcknall(Blacknell)

Their Wills are in Franklin county NC but I cannot find and cemetery records for any of them, Any information on the Richards family will be appreciated. I have information on estate, will, and property transfers. I am looking for occupation and cemetery records.

angela.bailey on “Bailey in Franklin County”

I am looking for the parents of Edmund Ira Bailey born abt 1775 in what Franklin county. i have no real hard information on him other than he was married 3 times and died in Shelby county alabama in 1841. is my email please let me know if you know anything

william f. jones on “Stone Family”

I am trying to locate family members that are of Capt. John William and Alicia Hurst-
Stone geneology. The life time line for the two would be from the 1720′s through the
1780′s and possibly early years of 1790′s. Capt. John Stone has been mentioned as having land in Bute County, N.C. about the years of 1750 or so. He may have been married
more than once, possibly to a Mary Green, but for sure to the daughter of John Hurst and
his wife Mary Hanley of Duplin, North Carolina. I am sure it is Duplin County and not the town of Duplin. They had other children but Alice or Alicia and her brother Phillip
stand out more so in our research. Capt. John apparently had the middle name William that he seldom used. He and Alice would eventually be taken into the new formed county
of Halifax, North Carolina when Bute County was divided up and dissolved from existance.
They had and raised at least six children, possibly several more but ????….in Halifax County or what was Bute. Also, Phillip Hurst had moved to Halifax County and taken up residence there. By the year 1757 the possible first of Capt. John and Alice
Stone’s children was born and they named him Jonathan Stone. I am not sure at this point if he had a middle name or not but I would be more inclined to believe he did. He
would grow up and marry Phillisa Cooke.
One other thing, about the time their older sons had fought in the Revelutionary War
and returned home they were ranging in age from 17 years to about 20 years. That is when
the family moved from “Fishing Creek” to Franklin County about 55 miles away near the
town of (Lewisburg)or Louisburg, North Carolina. It was in Franklin County that Jonathan
Stone met and married Phillisa Cook.
I am not certain but feel sure that a daughter was born next and her name was Mary
Stone. Then in 1760 they had their second son they named John Stone. It is not certain
but I have seen the name John B. Stone listed. Their son John however would marry from
Granville County, Sarah “Sally” Walker. They would live and raise their family in Franklin County. It is reported that John and Sally had two plantations of which they
gave one to one of their sons named John B. Stone. I do not know if he was a Jr. or not. They had ten children altogether of which one of their daughters, Susanna, died at
the age of four years.
Capt. John and Alice would then have in the year 1763 another son they named William.
William married but to whom I do not know. He lived in Franklin County with his wife and
children until about the age of 55 years. He would then move away with one of his younger if not youngest son. I am sure by this time he was a widower and most of his
children had grown up and moved away to other areas and states. With his youngest son,
named Lemuel R. Stone they moved to Georgia for the land lotteries. This was land taken from the Indians, primarily the Cherokee, and given to settlers to move in on by goverment lotteries. They had to tend the land. William and Lemuel found their way to
Gilmer County or Gilmer in Putnam County. Lemuel would marry in Georgia and have his
children there. After nearly twenty years, William moved again with his son to Texas,
where they made their final home living on or at the county lines of Rusk and Smith Counties. Many of Lemuels children went with im to Texas while those that had married
stayed on in Georgia. His grandchildren, Lemuel’s that is, became fairly well off some
years later from land they inherited from William and Lemuel when the oil boom hit.
They found that precious black-gold on their lands yet they remained primarily farmers
and continued to raise cattle and work the land. William about four years before his death south his Revelutionary War Benefits and Pension. He had to give an affivditt to
the courts in Texas as to his idenity and his service. In his statement he said that he
was born in Halifax County, North Carolina and that his name was William Jr.,. If he was
a Jr. then his father, known as Capt. John Stone had to be a Sr. which means that Capt.
John’s full name was John William Stone Sr. and that his third son was John William Stone Jr. who did not use or answer to the name John as Capt. John did not answer to the name William which is to some degree understandable. It keeps them from answering to the same name when together at home.
Either before William Jr. was born or a year or so later another daughter was born to Capt. John and Alice Stone that they named Elizabeth.
Then in 1767 they had a son that they named William Merritt Stone. He would marry
a young lady from Franklin County, N.C. who was named Karenhappuch Stallings. She was
called Happy for short. They had a few children. Merritt and Happy would move from
Franklin County, North Carolina over into Tennessee. Some say all their children were born there but this is not the case. They were also some born in Franklin Counnty. They
probably moved on to Tennessee with Merritt and Happy. Merritt died not too many years
later in Tennessee. Happy may have remarried, I am not so sure.
I am seeking the children of Jonathan who had quite a few daughters. He and Phillisa
Cookes children are; Polly Stone that married Wiley Jones; Peggy Stone that married a Bobbitt; Delphia Stone that married a Washington; Susan Stone that married a Rust;
Nancy Stone that married a Thompson; another daughter by the name of Susan that married
a Wilis; his two sons were; Claiborn Stone who married Mary F. Rust; and Jonathan Murry
or (Murray) Stone that married Rebecca Winston…Johnathan and Phillisa are reported to
have a granddaughter that was named Avarilla Green Stone. She married Charnock Cox Rust. She was the daughter of a son that was not mentioned in Jonathan’s “Last Will and
Testament” who’s name was James Albert Stone that married Nancy Ann Bobbitt.
Also seeking family ties in Franklin County still to John Stone and Sarah Sally Walker-Stone. Their children are; Anna Stone..b.12/14/1780..mrd. Thomas Murray… their
children were all born in Franklin County before they moved to Bond County, Illinois;
Elizabeth Stone..b. 12/02/1783..mrd.. Richardson Gill..they had seven (7) children all
born in Franklin County before they moved to Wilson County, Tennessee; Lemuel Walker Stone…b.08/14/1785…mrd. Catherine Campbell of Moore County, N.C. and as far as I can
find had only one child, a son they named, Christopher Munson Stone; William Nicholas Stone (parents spelled it “Niklas”)..b. 05/01/1787…mrd..Salley Thomason…He died in
Tennessee…Children ??? Unknown; Susanna Stone…b.01/20/1789 died 01/19/1794; Samuel
Hatton Stone…b. 01/04/1795..mrd.. Katherine Priscilla Hight of Granville County…they would move down into what was once old Moore County but is now Lee County,N.C.,; {their children were James Stone mrd. Judy Parish; Emiline Stone, Martha
Stone; Nancy Stone mrd. Neill McNeill; Rosanna Stone; and Archibald Stone mrd. Jane Buchanan of “Old Moore County, N.C.,}….Thomas Green Stone…b. 03/21/1797..mrd..
Frances Yancey Hawkins of Franklin County; Sally Young Stone…b. 04/05/1799..mrd…
Gilford H.L. Sims; David Stone…b.12/31/1801;and John Bean Stone Jr. born ????….
Any information on relatives of these lines would be appreciated….please contact off the forum….Thanks for taking the time to read such a long posting and heres hoping….???!!!

kyoungblood on “Thomas or Rachel Youngblood in early 1800′s”

I am looking to find out information about Thomas or Rachel Youngblood, parents to Thomas H and Rachel S born in Rabun County, Georgia in 1858. You may reach me at

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Cities and towns of Franklin County:

Louisburg (County Seat)

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