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Lincoln County Genealogy

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The county was formed in 1779 from the eastern part of Tryon County. It was named for Benjamin Lincoln, a general in the American Revolutionary War.

In 1782 the southeastern part of Burke County was annexed to Lincoln County. In 1841 parts of Lincoln County and Rutherford County were combined to form Cleveland County. In 1842 the northern third of Lincoln County became Catawba County. In 1846 the southern half of what was left of Lincoln County became Gaston County. Source Wikipedia

Lincoln County NCGenweb

Gaston/Lincoln Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 584
Mt. Holly, NC 28120


Lincoln County Courthouse
115 W Main St
County Courthouse
Lincolnton, NC 28092


1790 Federal Census Transcription – alphabetically listed

1790 Federal Census Transcription

1850 Federal Census Index – by last name only


USGS listing of cemeteries in Lincoln County

Cemetery Transcriptions

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davidmills on “Hufstetler Family”

Looking for any records of the Hufstetler family in Lincoln County, NC. It is reported by some that Adam Hufstetler was born in this county around 1788. Any information found would be greatly appreciated. Some believe he married a Margaret Costner and some believe the name was Margaret Hoyle.

arney9thgen on “Looking for tombstones of Arneys in North Carolina”


I’m wondering if the tombstones of our Jacob Arney and Christian Arney, Sr. still exist?

We know that Jacob Arney, died in Lincoln County, North Carolina in 1784.
We know that Christian Arney, Sr., died in Lincoln County, North Carolina, in 1834.
They were probably buried in the same graveyard or cemetery in North Carolina.
I know it’s a long shot that we can find their graves, since they were probably buried on private property (Arney land). Whether or not their grave sites were preserved is unknown.
They may currently be on private property, therefore it will be difficult to get permission (from the current owner) to find them and take a picture of them. The Arney’s would have been fairly well off, so their grave markers (tombstones) would more than likely be more extravagant than the typical marker. Hopefully, that would mean they would be better preserved.

The question is, do they still exist, if so where, and if so can we get permission from the current owner (of the land) to at least get a picture of them?

What do you all think?

Thank you for your time, consideration, and cooperation, I truly appreciate it.


Stan Arney
Wichita, KS

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Cities and towns in Lincoln County:

Boger City
Iron Station
Lincolnton (County Seat)
Long Shoals
Pumpkin Center

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